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    So much is new at Bookshelf Wines, including the addition of our second label, Storytime Cellars! We wanted to make the announcement quickly and will catch you up on the latest soon

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    A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle

    This lovely light-reading book chronicles the trials and tribulations of a couple who move from England to the South of France. From language issues to remodeling their 200 year old stone home, Mr. Mayle takes you month by month through their first year journey to a new place. They learn about their neighbors, local customs, local food and restaurants and grape harvest. Mr. Mayle is the author of several books, one being A Good Year of which a movie by the same name was made. “A Good Year” remains my favorite movie! Bookshelf Wines Club members should check it out. Dinner and a movie anyone? I can’t wait to read…

  • Book Reviews

    Toujours Provence by Peter Mayle

    Another light-reading book by Peter Mayle. Set in Provence (bet you would have never guessed!), Peter delves a little deeper into the life and culture of southern France. Literally, he digs deeper by exploring the truffle market and some of the underground (pun intended) dealings and shady characters involved in the business. Enjoy reading this book on the porch with a glass of Bookshelf Wines Viognier. With a glass of Rhone varietal Viognier and a book about Provence, you’ll be a virtual traveler to the south of France.

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    Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer

    This book is a must read during this time of constant chatter in the news about immigration.  Follow the life of an immigrant and his mother on their stowaway journey from Leningrad in 1968.  The title indicates there is something about chance in the decision that Alex and his mother made when they decided on which ship to stowaway on the docks; the one bound for Southampton, England, or the one bound for New York.  In both instances, the stowaways had sponsors waiting for them on shore and the author spent time to detail the responsibilities of sponsors for their immigrant charges.  The author tracks the lives and paths for…